Best Summer Activities

Summer is almost here. Most people are now booking for flights and accommodations on the best places where they can spend the summer. Some people opt to avoid the rush and are looking for places where few people go but offers the same bliss and relaxation that the popular ones have.

There are many places and activities you can do during the summer especially in Washington. The state offers many  adventures if you want to be one with nature. It also has lots of activities for you and your family. One of these is watching outdoor movies. If you haven’t tried this, it will surely provide some relaxation for your family.

This article by Rachel Cooper of lists down some outdoor movie festivals you can go to.


Outdoor Movies 2017 in Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia

Watching movies on a large screen outdoors has become a popular summer activity. There are several outdoor movie festivals in the Washington, DC area. Most of the movies are free and offer a great opportunity for families to enjoy some time together under the stars. Here are the schedules for 2017. Please note that many of the schedules are announced throughout the season. Please check back for updates. Click here for more. 

If you want more adventure, you ca always try to go trekking. Washington is home to many magnificent falls and hiking sites. You should try to go and see the different trails which cater to new and experienced travelers alike.

This article at Destination360.Com should help you understand more about Washington’s hiking spots.

Hiking in Washington State

Thousands of square miles of untamed wilderness tempt the backpacker to the Washington hiking trails in the Cascade and the Olympic Mountain ranges.

Hikers all know what a great feeling you can get from enjoying a relatively relaxed outdoor activity, all the while enjoying great views and taking in fresh air. Hiking in Washington can be a highlight of a vacation in Washington State and one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. Click here for more. 

This video shows what adventure awaits you at the state of Washington.

Aside from the places you can visit, there are many restaurants in Washington that offer great food. You should try the best Snoqualmie Falls restaurants for a nature and food treat.

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