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For many years, Methamphetamine has devastated the people of the United States. It is highly potent and a very addictive stimulant.

Meth has been determined as one of the major causes of arrests, crimes, and ER visits in the U.S. This problem has only gotten worse with each passing year as more and more people manufacture and consume the toxic substance illicitly. Meth abuse can ravage not only the body but also the spirit and the mind.

  • In the medical industry, meth is commonly administered by oral means for treating ADHD as well as some sleep disorders.
  • Recreation meth users may also choose to swallow the drug but there are even other more dangerous routes of administration common to recreational users.
  • Meth can deliver a longer-lasting “high” that reaches up to an intense euphoric “rush.”
  • It prompts addicts to increase their use of meth oftentimes even before one dose has worn off. Such cycle is termed as the “crash and binge” cycle. When this happens, rehabilitation becomes necessary.

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How does meth look like? What are the methods of using meth?

The highly addictive substance often comes in a white or light brown crystalline powder form. Sometimes, it is sold as clear chunky crystals that seem to look like broken pieces of ice or like shards of glass. Meth can also be found as a liquid substance.

Most users swallow meth while others snort, inject or even smoke it. There are also those who scavenge for traces of meth in small bags of crystals or white powder and in syringes. Some meth users make use of what other meth abusers leave behind in crumpled aluminum foil, shafts of inexpensive ballpoint pens used for snorting, and soda cans with one hold on its side.

Several meth users tend to abuse the drug so much, oftentimes referred as a form of binging or “run.” These users usually inject meth every few hours till they have run out of supplies or else have become too incapacitated to go on.

What happens to meth abusers?

As meth is a really strong stimulant, there are routes of administration that produce a faster “rush,” followed by a longer period of a lesser intensity of euphoria. When ingested, however, meth users will not feel any rush although the “high” could last up to 10 hours.

Meth users also report a feeling of more energy and think they do not require sleep for a long time even up to several days. Meth users also tend to lose appetite, interest, and pleasure.

Moreover, it has become common for methamphetamine addicts to lose a lot of weight and look very thin, gaunt, and undernourished. Although the user may look like he is unusually active, he may also act anxious and nervous.

Meth users are also easily overheated and look sweaty even when it is not hot or even when they are not doing any physical activity. The pupils can also look dilated and the user’s blood pressure will go up. Sometimes, meth users can be sexually excited.

Can anyone overdose on methamphetamine?

Certainly. A lot of ER trips made in the U.S. are caused by an overdose of meth. An overdose happens when the individual uses up too much of the substance and the body reacts to the toxic drug resulting in harmful symptoms that can even lead to death.

Meth overdose has also caused heart attack, stroke, and organ problems like kidney failure, all attributed to the overheating of the system. All these conditions sometimes lead to death.

ER doctors often attempt to restore blood flow to the part of the brain that’s affected (stroke), treat organ problems, or restore blood flow to the heart (heart attack) to treat the overdose.

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