Top 3 Weekend Getaway Ideas

If you feel tired after a week of work, and you need a vacation but unfortunately you can’t take some time off, a weekend vacation is the right solution for your problem. Short weekend vacations are not expensive, and if you carefully plan them, they can provide you just as much as leisure time and fun as you need. There are many ideas for a short weekend getaways in Melbourne. You don’t even need to get out of town or abroad to have fun. It is even possible to enjoy your weekend vacation in your own home. Here are our top three ideas that can meet any budget and needs.

Great Ocean Road Tours

If you are looking for a place where you can escape your daily activities and spend a stress-free weekend, great ocean road tours are the right choice for you. This tour is great for exploring the great ocean road with your loved one or with your friends. You can even go by yourself and you will still have lots of fun.

If you opt for this tour, you will enjoy one of the world’s most beautiful coastal drives. You will visit the Twelve Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge, as well as the beautiful and mesmerizing coastal villages and breathtaking surf breaks. If you go with your special someone, you can enjoy taking long walks along the coastline and hinterland, and when you get tired, you can relax by having dinner and trying out specialties of the local cuisine. Of course, seafood would be perfect for this occasion. If you are looking for a romantic weekend getaway, there is nothing more beautiful than exploring the great outdoors and feeling the sand under your feet while enjoying a walk at some of the most pristine and whitest sandy beaches in Australia.

Wine Tours

If you love drinking wine, you should consider going on a wine tour. It would be perfect to spend the entire weekend visiting beautiful vineyards and tasting wine from the local wineries. No matter whether you go with your special someone or with your friends, you will have an amazing time. Apart from tasting amazing local wine, you will also be able to taste a variety of cheeses that will perfectly complement your taste pallet. Apart from wine tours, you can also find many interesting and affordable Melbourne tours online.

Stay-at-Home Weekend Vacation

If you don’t have the funds or if you are too tired to go anywhere, you can spend your little weekend vacation at home. Sometimes, all you need in order to have fun and relax from everyday stress are a warm bed, some snacks and a good movie. Gather your friends and enjoy the weekend by playing video games, watching your favorite movies or simply doing nothing. Forget the hassle of cooking, and order pizza or some other favorite fast food and enjoy a meal with your friends and loved ones. Sometimes, your home is all you need, and this is the cheapest, simplest, but also the most relaxing vacation you can have.

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