Types of tests and verifications for pre-employment screening

There are so many characteristics that define a person. As an employer, you must be in the know of this. Whereas people have some pleasing traits, they also have some others you won’t like. Unfortunately, they won’t even attempt to mention of their bad side when making a job application. That’s why all curriculum vitae are full of promising personalities. If you rely on instincts for job employment, you are definitely wrong. You need to dig deeper and get the real being of the person you are hiring and not only his/her outlook. Different checks are applicable for pre-employment screening. Continue reading to learn more about them.

  1. Education background

How learned a person is matters with the kind of work you are offering as an employer. Imagine where you need a doctor only to find a nurse showing up. Even if they are related in a way, these two doesn’t match at all with regard to the level of training. You will have to go deep into the certificates to determine the truth of the matter. The skills as well as the knowledge possessed by an individual do matter. Confirmation with the schools and universities listed is necessary. Check out for some amazing employment background services.

  1. Criminal records

candidate-screeningCrime forms one of the important criteria used for screening job applicants. Of course, criminals only deal with criminals for the relationship to be mutual. Otherwise, you as the employer will be on the losing end; receiving the effects of crime in your business. The amazing fact is that, people never change; no matter how much you want them to. That should tell you that a person who has been involved in crime previously and was proved guilty, id not to be trusted. It is safer not to gamble around trying to determine the truth behind this. Since all the crime details about a person can be obtained, applicants will be screened and those on the wrong side eliminated.

  1. Talent checks

When applying for jobs, even the minor details do matter. Talents are often indicated in curriculum vitae to increase the chances of getting selected. Some talents are valued more than others. Some individuals will therefore try to lie in order to have the job. Catching such people is however very easy. It should obviously be easy for an individual to show up his/her talent. Where some have difficulties proving this, a lie is detected.

  1. Miscellaneous checks

Generally, everything that matters in a given line of work will have to be tested. Experts are required to study the behavior of a person through asking questions and interviewing to determine what one is capable of doing. Qualities tested under this category include speed, memory, reasoning, arithmetic skills, reading comprehension skills etc.

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