Do You Want to be a Paramedic? Do You Need Colostrum?

Everyone had to call a paramedic at least once in their lives when some emergency came by. They show up quickly and save the day, and yours or your beloved ones lives. This is a profession for brave people, for people willing to put up with everyday stress and many different temperaments. This is not a career choice for everyone, but if you think that this might be the right choice for you, here you will find some basic tips for getting the best out of it.
So, the first thing that waits you on your way of becoming a paramedic is to attend school classes to get appropriate certification. There is a wide choice of paramedic schools, and now it`s even possible to attend classes online in case you have really busy schedule. It`s also important to point out that you don`t need to have a degree to become a paramedic, but if you`re already going on one, it would be wise to take few classes that will teach you some very important skills.

The time needed to become a paramedic can vary, depending on a school policy you`re attending. It`s possible to finish all of the training in 120 hours, but of course, you will have to go through “hands-on” training as well. Usually schools require somewhere between 300 or 400 hours of training on the job, which varies from state to state.
Keep in mind that you absolutely need to fulfill following requirements in order to be allowed to qualify:

• You cannot be younger than 18 years.
• Active license and clear driving record are must.
• You have to be CPR and BLS certificated before you qualify.
• Your criminal record must be flawless.
• Physical test must be passed.
• A high school diploma is also necessary.


Now, let`s have a few words about colostrum. First of all: what is it? Colostrum is what female mammals produce for the first few days after they`ve given birth. It can look just look normal milk, but sometimes can be very creamy and thick golden looking fluid. Women usually make about 50 ml of colostrum in the first two to three days. The lack of quantity is compensated with high quality.

Colostrum has an amazing effects on baby`s health: Babies can easily digest it in the first few days, it has very high level of leukocytes, it`s a good source of energy, it`s very nutrient rich and it contains calcium, zinc, vitamins A, B6”, K and so on.

Now, this is something that adults can also use. It`s extracted from cow`s milk, and it`s usually in form of colostrum powder. Gut health is the primary function of this product. Your digestive system is the main one to be defended from diseases. One of the most important elements of colostrum is cornucopia, which is essential for making our immune system stronger. Bear in mind that the highest quality colostrum comes from healthy cows feeding exclusively on chemical and poison free pastures. It`s even more concentrated in the powder form, and it`s certainly a very good choice for anyone who cares about their own health.

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